In memory of our horse partners who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. They were all instrumental in promoting sidesaddle.
They were deeply loved and are greatly missed.
Snowball, friend of Margaret Carter
Hungarian Jamboor, friend of Lynn Studebaker and Patti Huber
DW Genius Comet, friend of Kalie Silvert
Doc, friend of Becky Goode - here ridden by Shelbi Corlett
Nevada's Desert Smoke, friend to Shelbi Corlett, Jennifer Nickle and Darlene Galloway
Swamp Fox, friend of Christy Lenon
Prince of Tides, friend of Sara Cowan and Becky Goode
Sometimes we lose other family members too.
They are all important to our lives and will be missed as well.
Asia, friend of Jami Wormer
Greta and Bubba, friends of Christy Lenon
Rocky, friend of the Nickle family
Rock, friend of Dimitri Schlotter
Penny's Sugar Pride, friend to Leslie Holloran and Susie Davis
Luke, friend to Anna Bedwell
Trigg's Last, friend of Joyce Howell
Marfa's Misbehaven, friend of Mary Vanderloop
Tribute to
Mary Weeks

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Bonnie mule friend of Carol Scott -
ridden here by Kim Fortune
Dakota Carl - friend of Darlene Galloway,
 Jennifer Nickle and Shelbi Corlett
Taorluath, friend of Donna Huffman