Side Saddle Association
International Sidesaddle Weekend
Aintree Racecourse - Liverpool, England
The "Beatles" did a quadrille!
A lovely pas de deu.
Class winner!
Loved this Halflinger and rider.
A couple of little cuties.  These young ladies are all set to continue the sidesaddle tradition.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs -
wait one is missing!
There's Dopey.
Costumes to die for:
Mr. Bruce Thorpley and his stallion
Cos Me Is Black
Mr. Roger Philpot
Sidesaddle trainer of renown.
Christy Lenon (US) and Deb Smith (Canada)
try out the mechanical horses.
The Grande Finale on Saturday.
Had to include one photo of the Grand National
racecourse - brush fence.
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